Moving on your Own?

We provide the best moving services on the market. If you are someone who wants to do the task on your own, we respect that. With that being said, if you are going to move on your own, there are three moving mistakes that you need to avoid!

3 Moving Mistakes to avoid!

Moving MistakesNot Preparing – The biggest mistake that people will make when they are moving is not preparing. When you are ready to move, you need to prepare yourself as best as possible for those moments. If you have the days that you are looking for in mind, you need to treat those like the countdown to a bomb. If you are not ready when it goes off you are going to catch a lot of flak to your face that is only going to set back your time to effectively mood. You need to take the day off, rent all the materials you need, assemble your crew and pack as much as possible.

Poor Packing Patterns – Yes, the more packing you can get done the better. You should organize it so that there is no packing done on that day. That being said, don’t speed through it. Keep a scale with you and don’t over pack the box. Take the time to adequately mark and tag the boxes. If you end up with a bunch of boxes that are too heavy, that are poorly marked, you are only going to increase the confusion of the move when you’re in your new location, and you might hurt someone.

Moving Too Much – That’s right; you can get hurt moving. If you are moving too much, too soon, without a real break, you are going to injure yourself possibly. If you want some pro, top-notch advice, bring one person per room to where you’re going. Make people responsible for that room and to not hurt themselves and highly coordinate yourselves with the big stuff like furniture, pianos, and all of that. Injuring yourself is the worst thing that you want because a lifetime of pain is not worth what you save on the move.

InterWest Moving & Storage

auto-insurance-agencyLuckily for you, there is an alternative to this entire ordeal. If you simply use InterWest Moving & Storage and our services you can avoid the entire hassle of trying to move. When you create a pros and cons list of where moving by yourself or with a company, it all comes down to how much do you want to invest to not be in pain the next day. Call us today to avoid all of these problems!