If you have ever hired a moving company, you must have noticed blankets or furniture pads being used by movers during packing and moving. However, you may wonder why they use it all the time. They use it to securely move your furniture and protect your doors, walls, and windows. If you are also planning a DIY move and thinking about moving blankets, it is vital to know how they work. 

Here’s everything you need to know about moving blankets.

What are they?

Moving blankets or furniture pads are blankets designed with various materials like cotton, polyester, and neoprene layered with fillers. All these materials are stitched together like a quilt to create thick blankets that can act as a protective layer for your furniture and other fragile materials. These blankets usually measure 6 to 7 feet and typically have a darker shade on one side and a lighter shade on the other. When you pack the materials, the lighter shade of the blanket faces the material, and the darker shade faces you. 

These blankets can protect your furniture and fragile pieces against dirt and impact, but they are not waterproof. If you are moving on a rainy day, you may need to use an additional waterproof coating to safeguard your belongings. 

When do you need them?

Although moving blankets are a great help in moving your belongings, a question arises: do you always have to use them? The answer is no—you should use moving blankets when carrying bulky and heavy furniture, artwork with glass framework, mirrors, breakable china vases, and other delicate items. Otherwise, you can manage the move without them. 

You can also use them to protect your rugs and flooring when moving heavy objects. 

How many do you need?

You have established that you will need moving blankets but do you know how many? Knowing the exact count is essential as you don’t want to be left without enough blankets. To determine the exact number, you need to list items that need to be packed with moving blankets. Do one room at a time and compile the entire inventory. 

Usually, small items like small bookshelves, mini-fridges, lamp shades, and paintings can be covered with one blanket. 

Large items like large bookcases, coffee tables, recliners, fridges, washers, and sofas, require two or more. Hence, make your list accordingly. 

How to use them?

For blanket items, you can wrap the item in the blanket and secure it with tape and topes. For items requiring more than one blanket, do the following steps. 

  • Clear enough space to spread out the blanket on the floor 
  • Place your furniture at the center of the blanket.
  • Add a blanket at the top. When you meet the ends of the blankets, ensure they overlap so the entire furniture is covered. 
  • Fold in the sides and secure it with tape and ropes. 

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