The short answer is, yes. Your chosen moving company should provide you with a list of things that are prohibited from being boxed up and shipped out, but in case they don’t, we are here to help. We know that moving can be a nuisance, so we are doing our best to make it an enjoyable encounter for all parties involved.


Flammable items are already an area of concern when they are scattered around your house seeming harmless. We want to touch up on some of the things that could threaten a move. The items are red flags from the beginning of the moving process, but if you missed any, we might be able to clear up any confusions.

1. Aerosol cans (Hairspray, Deodorant, Air Fresheners)

2. Nail Polish

3. Batteries

4. Alcohol

5. Household cleaning agents

6. Fertilizers/Pesticides

We tend to frown upon hauling items that could start a truck fire, so it’s best to purchase these items brand new if you’re moving out of the state; and if you’re moving locally, we recommend that you take transport these items at your own risk.

Food and Plant Life

While in the truck, certain perishables don’t survive, although food doesn’t pose a direct threat to the moving process itself. Food also attracts bugs, rats, insects, and other creepy crawlers that you don’t want to see in your diet. If you’re moving out of state, plants may not last the entire length of the trip. Without direct access to sunlight and water, they will begin to wilt and die.

1. Frozen/Refrigerated Food

2. Open food containers

3. Plants

4. Flowers

InterWest Moving and Storage will always keep the customers best interest in mind as well as our employees. It’s incredibly important to our company that everyone’s safety is accounted for from start to finish. Therefore, we want every customer to feel like family from the moment they pick up the phone, so we want to offer fantastic tips for everything involving moving and storing.