Are you looking for the most livable city for an international move? Moving over borders or across the sea can be a stressful and difficult endeavor. However, the benefits of moving to a foreign city might be just what you need to spice up your life. 

Every year the Economist Intelligence Unit compiles a list of the most livable cities called the Annual Global Liveability Index. We’re going to explore that data and provide some useful details about what it’s like to live in these cities. 

The Top 10 Livable Cities for International Moves

Adelaide, Australia – 96.6

The Economist compiles a score out of 100 for the following fields: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. 

Adelaide possesses perfect scores for healthcare and education. The other areas follow closely, with a stability score of 95.0, culture 94.2, and infrastructure 96.4.

Adelaide has an affordable cost of living, with an extensive education system that supports international students. It boasts an excellent public transportation system, great work-life balance, universal healthcare, and numerous cultural celebrations. 

Copenhagen, Denmark – 96.8

The capital of Denmark scored high in all fields, with perfect scores to education and infrastructure. Stability, healthcare, and culture received scores of 95.0, 95.8, and 95.4 respectively. 

This city ranked 9th for its high quality of life. It has an excellent work-life balance, universal healthcare options, low crime rates, and a rich history and culture. Denmark is also one of the top countries in the world in regard to income equality. However, learning Danish will likely become essential sooner than later.

Tokyo, Japan – 97.2

Japan’s capital city has impressive perfect scores in stability, healthcare, and education. It received a 94.4 and 92.9 for culture and infrastructure. 

Tokyo has an extremely reliable public transport system via train, monorail, and bus. Its crime rate is impressively low, and the cost-of-living is relatively low for sensible residents. However, space is a luxury in this city, so be sure that you’re comfortable with smaller living accommodations than you’re used to in the U.S.

Toronto, Canada – 97.2

This Canadian city ties with the former listing with perfect scores in the same areas. It received an 89.3 for infrastructure and 97.2 for culture and environment.

The quality of living in Toronto is superb and is one of the more culturally diverse cities in the world. The city continues to improve its real estate options, making it easier to find affordable housing. Also, be prepared to love hockey, as Torontonians love their Maple Leafs.

Vancouver, Canada – 97.3 

Just edging out the previous two cities, Vancouver ranks perfectly for healthcare, culture, and education. It received a 95.0 for stability and a 92.9 for infrastructure. 

Vancouver has a reputation for being extremely welcoming to incoming expats completing international moves. Like Toronto, Vancouver is culturally diverse, making it a great place for activity and cuisine. There are many housing options and the city is very well maintained. It’s also great if you love getting away to snowy mountains in a flash.

Calgary, Canada – 97.5

Calgary is the first of these cities to receive perfect scores in four categories: stability, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Culture and environment come close with a score of 90.0. 

The scores pretty much say it all. Calgary has very high employment rates, affordable cost of living, impressive education, and security. It’s also home to numerous art festivals and museums. It’s also a central location to many great outdoor locations.

Osaka, Japan – 97.7

The second city listed from Japan has perfect scores in stability, healthcare, and education. It received a 93.5 for culture and environment and a 96.4 for infrastructure.

Osaka is one of the safest cities in the world. You’ll have an easier time with commutes than Tokyo and will bear witness to a rich culture and history every day. The residents are very helpful and welcoming to foreigners, but you may not deal with as many English speakers as you might find in bigger cities. 

Sydney, Australia – 98.1

This Australian city has perfect healthcare, education, and infrastructure according to the report. Its culture received a 97.2, and its stability received a 95.0

Sydney is regularly ranked high amongst cities with the highest quality of living. Like many Australian locations, it features awe-inspiring natural scenery and locales. It’s a culturally diverse location with shops, cuisine, and history everywhere you look. 

Melbourne, Australia – 98.4

An impressive third Australian city, Melbourne ranks with perfect marks in education, infrastructure, and healthcare. Its stability and culture received 95.0 and 98.6 respectively. 

Melbourne consistently ranks extremely high as one of the world’s most livable cities. It’s also considered Australia’s cultural capital.  Great housing, perfect weather, beaches, employment, art, nightlife, and events are all contributors to making Melbourne great. It’s ranked second to only one other city on this list.

Vienna, Austria – 99.1

This is far from the first time Vienna has received a near perfect score. The stability, healthcare, education, and infrastructure are all seen as perfect by the Economist’s Liveability Index. Only culture received a 96.3.

Vienna is a clean, affordable, and safe city with an excellent cost of living. It’s rich in history and culture, providing residents with a never-ending number of things to do. All individuals in Austria receive healthcare and security. The public transport is reliable, and the job market is strong. 

Which City Will You Choose for Your International Move?

The reality is that each of these cities are remarkably impressive. Take the time to investigate each location or visit if you have that option before deciding. International relocation is a difficult and life-changing task. You’ll want to be sure that you’ll be content staying abroad for a substantial amount of time. 

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