Choosing a moving company that will take good care of your belongings professionally, and at a good price can be difficult. You are at a point in life when you need to move your belongings from one place to another whether you are moving locally (in your state), or Long distance (between states), there are several things you want to make sure when you choose your mover.

Even though you might think at the moment that a move is simple and should not be complicated, when you actually hit move day, you will see that things are quite different. So, here at Interwest Movers, we created a list of the most important things you should check on when moving, so when you are moving you won’t have surprises and your goods will arrive at your new home safely and in one piece.

Interwest Movers Is Licensed & Insured

do i need a moverWhen choosing a moving company, it is important to check that the company is licensed and insured because unfortunately there are many companies who provide moving services but are not licensed under DOT to do so. When choosing a provider without checking his background, you put your belongings at risk.

These service providers are untrustworthy, they might seem legit, but at the same time, all they want is the access to your pocket. Companies might seem reliable at first, but you might face a big disappointment if you don’t check these things. This mistake can cost you thousands of dollars and it is very simple to prevent.

You would want first to go on the official D.O.T website and check the license number of your potential mover. If you don’t have it. The provider will be obligated to provide you with his license number. If he refuses that you should run.

Real Reviews

hiring a moving companyLook how I emphasized the word legit. It’s because some companies are able to fake their reviews and it’s important to do a little research. This step might require some time from you (15 – 20 minutes on Google), but it’s worth every second. And I’m saying it because going on Yelp and reading the top reviews is not always enough. Go on the company’s website. Check Yelp and Angie’s List. Google their name on Google. Check their BBB record, and do the research. It will pay for itself later.

Pricing & Reliability

You want to make sure that your move price won’t exceed your expectations, the only way to make sure you won’t pay more than you need is by asking for a moving estimate. The mover should provide you with an online estimate for free. Most moving companies will charge a minimum amount of hours. If you think your move might exceed the minimum, or you are not sure, or if you have two bedrooms or more, it is recommended to ask for a binding quote.

This means that your move takes longer than the quote you received you will not be charged for the extra hours as long as everything is by the inventory list. Choosing a moving company doesn’t have to be difficult. The professionals here at Interwest Movers are here to serve you with our excellent moving services backed by our great reputation. Give us a call today for a free quote.