The Pros & Cons of Winter Moving

There are pros and cons to be discussed. Winter Moving is a unique endeavor and to prepare for it; Interwest is ready to teach you the lesson on efficiency. Moving in Winter can seem like a crazy idea, but when you factor in the low prices and a smaller risk of injury, it is an enticing deal not to take up while you have the chance.

The Good

Low Demand and Low Prices – When hiring a moving company for the summer, it is likely that we are already booked and can’t help you. Due to the kids being out of school and the summer months being the least addled with holidays, it is easier for most people to move during this time. There are supply and demands in the summer months that is simply absent during the winter. By booking during the winter, you are practically guaranteed a spot.

Lower Risk of Injury – In the summer months, people tend to be walking around in shorts and a shirt. This has to do with preventing overheating and staying hydrated. However, during winter, everyone is going to bundle up and hopefully crack out those winter boots. With the increased protection comes the lower risk for bumps, bruises, and stubbed toes.

Winter Moving
Moving in Winter

The Bad

The Weather – Snow is bad for everything. It causes extra tread on tires and works an already busy engine. It creates a potential threat for your belongings if poorly packed or stored and most importantly, tracking. It is immensely hard to move during the winter and not track in snow and mud.

More Accommodations – While in the summer keeping bottles of water is an excellent way to keep everybody living, in the winter months, you need to provide hot drinks. Unfortunately, hot water just isn’t going to be doing the trick this time. This hot beverage debacle means you will need to bump up your provisions game with either tea or hot chocolate.

Interwest Moving in Winter

Luckily, Interwest provides the best quality moving service, rain or shine, snow or sleet. If you are looking to move to or from the Intermountain West, we are the people to call! If you need a moving service to help you through the winter, give us a call at (208) 523-8989