Preparing for a move is a time-consuming and stressful task. And if you are running out of time, things get even more challenging. However, don’t let your time shortage affect your choice of movers. Choosing a wrong moving company can make the entire relocation process painful. Therefore, no matter what you do, take some time to research when choosing a moving company for your next move.

Here are five mistakes you should avoid when hiring a moving company.

Failing to book in advance

The worst mistake you can make when hiring a moving company is not booking your moving company in advance. Failing to do so can cause several problems like your moving company already has another project for that day, and they cannot take up yours. You may also have to work with an unprofessional company because they were the only ones available. Even worse is that you cannot find a moving company.

To prevent such chaos, book your moving company at least a week in advance for moving into the same city, and for long-distance moves, book them at least a month before.

Not asking for written estimates

Most professional moving companies will inventory your belongings and provide you with an estimated cost for the move. They carefully calculate these estimates after considering the weight and shipment size. So, professional companies will give it to you in written format, and the actual cost would not vary much.

However, fraudulent companies may take advantage of the situation if they have not provided a written estimate, and the invoice may go way higher than you expect. So always ask for written estimates.

Not asking about additional charges

Moving companies rarely include additional charges, such as the cost of packaging material, in their estimates. However, you may never know about them until you see the final invoice, and they can cost you a lot. Therefore, always ask your moving company about the extra charges they will take so that you can get a fair idea of total costs.

Going for the cheapest movers

When you are making a move, there will always be budget constraints. However, don’t let that make you choose the cheapest moving company you find. When a moving company offers you very affordable rates, the chances are high that they are fraudulent.

Also, they may not have insurance and other safety measures to keep your belongings safe during transit and compensate you in case of any damage. So, it may end up costing you more than what you will pay a reputable moving company in the long run.

Not mentioning any specific requirements

No two moves are similar. You may expect that since moving companies make moves every day, they would know everything. However, it does not work that way. You should always communicate any specific requirements, like moving fragile items or antiques and any big appliances on the move. 

Telling them about your requirements will help them prepare and make your move go smoothly. 

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