Bedrooms have almost everything from small, fragile decor items to massive furniture like beds and mattresses. This can complicate matters if you aren’t prepared to deal with it. Packing your bedroom can seem complicated, and you might feel like putting it off until it’s the last week.

However, this will only make matters more complicated.

Where do you begin?

Here is a complete guide to sorting, packing, and moving your bedroom.

Decluttering And Sorting

The trick is to start small. You don’t have to pack your bedroom in a day. The first step is to declutter your bedroom. What are the things you want to carry and things you can recycle or leave behind? The right way is to declutter before you start packing rather than decluttering after reopening the boxes on reaching the new destination. You have many clothes that you don’t wear anymore and toiletries that are nearing their expiry date. Rather than packing everything, start by decluttering clothes you can donate and bottles you can send for recycling.

Once you have decluttered your belongings, it’s time to sort them for packing. Start by sorting valuables that need to be bubble-wrapped. Next, sort things according to the rooms they will be unpacked.

Packing And Labeling

We can’t stress enough the importance of correctly packing and labeling your boxes. Be creative in packing and color code fragile items, so your movers handle them with care. Gather your supplies for packing both fragile and essential items.

Moving Furniture

Moving your furniture will require extra care. Most furniture is delicate, and you don’t want any of it to be damaged while moving. As you take care of your beds during the move, don’t forget the mattress. Pack them separately.

Books, Pictures, and Mirrors

Unlike other items in your bedroom, books might take less space, but their boxes can be heavy. They also need to be specially protected for any water leakage. Please put them in smaller packages, so it saturates the weight.

Photo frames and mirrors need to be bubble-wrapped over the glass and around the corners to prevent scratching and cracking.

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