Office relocations are tough when you consider the logistics and potential loss of productivity.

That’s why using corporate moving specialists like InterWest Moving and Storage can help when navigating these problems.

Here’s a list of what your business should do to prepare and how we can help improve your moving experience.

Establish a Plan and Timeline

The easiest way to decrease productivity is to be disorganized and not have a plan in place. Big moves are hectic and stressful, and it’s easy to lose sight of things quickly.

You can help improve your office move by setting tight deadlines for when certain things must be moved to the new location. Start by moving the nonessentials and instruct your employees to prepare for upcoming changes. You might want to move goods found in your kitchen and break room first as they are not essential to business function.

On the flipside, you may want to prioritize moving vital components such as your office computers, server boxes, and other items used daily for last. You’ll want to make a quick, clean transition and allow yourself to move these items to the new location all at once to avoid unnecessarily long interruptions.

Staggering your move to create some overlap with your new location can give you and your employees an expectation of when changes are going to occur. Upsetting everything at once and having your space in disarray is sure to affect business otherwise.

Set Customer Service Expectations by Notifying Clients

This isn’t meant as an excuse to slack off on your service. However, notifying clients that your business is entering a temporary transition can do wonders for tempering expectations. If you’ve set up certain expectations with your customers, they can easily get annoyed if there are service interruptions.

Simple communication goes a long way for helping people understand changes before they have a chance to get upset. Notify everyone of your office’s availability during the changes as well as when you expect to be back to normal operation.

How Can Corporate Moving Specialists Help?

When it’s time to move your business, corporate moving specialists can help you move your goods in accordance with your desired timeline. A team of professional movers can do what they do best: pack, transport, and unpack your goods in the new space. This allows you and your team to focus on what you’re good at – your service to the customer.

After all, the cost of utilizing corporate moving professionals is far less than the possible loss of productivity or business as a result of lost time or poor customer service. A moving company is effectively helping you save time and money by focusing on the more laborious aspects of the move so none of your employees need to.

InterWest Moving and Storage – Corporate Moving Specialists

InterWest Moving and Storage has years of experience, along with the expansive network, to effectively handle your corporate relocation. We’re a proud member of Atlas Van Lines, a moving network with nearly 500 agents posted throughout the United States.

We request your corporate relocation policy so that we can find ways to save you time and money while adhering to your expectations and rulesets. Our business and network have won quality awards for our customer service, and we are always striving to do even better for you.

If you need assistance with your corporate relocation, start by requesting a free quote today! An agent nearest your location will be in touch to discuss your service possibilities as soon as possible!