Moving to a new neighborhood is an exciting yet stressful and hefty task. The same goes for your pets. It could affect them adversely due to a sudden change in the environment. With no idea about what is going on, it can leave them depressed and anxious and may even result in a loss of appetite due to fear and stress.

Are you also moving out and concerned about your pet in the changing environment? Here are some dos and don’ts to follow while you are moving with pets:


  1. Talk to your vet- Firstly, you need to ensure your pet’s health and well-being. Your pet should be fit enough and ready to move. Consulting your vet and checking up on all the health records and vaccination is essential. It would be best if you also asked about any vets in the new neighborhood. Such recommendations can be helpful in the future.
  2. Offer them a quiet place– Moving involves a lot of work. Pets don’t understand what is going on and may interrupt your moving or even harm themselves. Finding a quiet and comfortable place in the new house away from the hustle-bustle is an excellent way to prevent that. You can work without any distractions, and your pet, too, will be comfortable.
  3. Set up the new house first– While moving out, it is recommended to prepare your new home as much as possible before moving in with your pet. Assign them a small corner of the new house and let them get used to it. Gradually, they will get comfortable with the new place.


  1. Don’t carry your pet in the truck– It is advisable not to take your pet in the moving company’s truck. It would be highly unsafe and can even leave your pet stressed and depressed. Instead, it would be best to take your pet in your car. Small cats and dogs can be adjusted in the back seat with a carrier. However, bigger dogs can be moved to a kennel in the vehicle’s back.
  2. Don’t let your pet out until you reach the destination– Once in the vehicle, make sure not to let them out of the kennel or carrier. If your pet is let out in a new environment, it can get lose its sense of orientation and get lost. To prevent this, consider an ID tag or a microchip so that if they go missing in the new neighborhood, they can be easily identified and tracked.
  3. Don’t change their routine– Pets are highly particular about their routine. Therefore, it is advisable to not change it after moving into a new place. For example, follow the same walking time or feeding time for your pet. It would make it easier for them to get used to the new place. Also, make sure that you don’t busy yourself with moving to an extent that your pet feels unattended.

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