Ceramic items are often the most fragile yet beautiful cookware in your kitchen. Some of them could even be collectables you just admire and never use. Whether the ceramic items you have are rare collectables or everyday items, packing them correctly is critical to ensure that they survive shipping when you move to a new place. 

Here are some dos and don’ts you need to remember when packing ceramic for shipping.

Do not pack everything together

The worst mistake you can make when packing ceramic items is to put everything together. This causes the items that don’t fit together to bump into one another during transportation and lead to damage. Always pack your plates, glasses, and cookware separately. 

Do pick the right size boxes

When packing ceramics, you must ensure that the cardboard or cardboard boxes you pick to pack the items are the right size. If the boxes are too big, you leave the ceramics vulnerable to movement during transit which can lead to breakage. If they are too small, the items can get overstuffed. 

Do not use newspaper to stuff your ceramic items or boxes

Ceramic cups, bowls, and other crockery items are hollow inside, and stuffing them with paper helps protect them from chipping and cracking during shipping. Many people use newspapers to cover and stuff things. However, you must remember that newspaper ink contains toxic elements that can be absorbed by the ceramics and damage the colors of your ceramic pots and crockery. 

Do use sturdy boxes

Your ceramic items are fragile, and even a slight fall can break them. If you use low-quality boxes that cannot handle the weight of the items, they may come apart when you are loading or unloading the boxes, breaking your valuable ceramics into pieces. Hence, use only high-quality cardboard boxes that are thick and tape them properly.

Don’t use gloves

It’s recommended to wear gloves when packing fragile items like vinyl records, paintings, and fabrics. However, gloves are not the best thing to use when packing ceramics. Gloves reduce the sensitivity of your hands, causing the ceramic pieces to slip easily. Hence, it’s always best to handle ceramics with bare hands. 

Do pay special attention to items with decoration

Ceramic pieces with decoration are made with a special glaze. Such decoration is highly vulnerable to scratches and damage during the move. Hence, you must cover these items with soft clothes and pack them in a box with stuffing to leave no room for movement. 

Do hire professionals

It is always a great idea to get professionals like Interwest Moving to pack and ship your ceramic items, as they have the experience and expertise to pack such items carefully and successfully without damaging them. 

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