Planning a long-distance move or cross-country move comes with its own set of challenges and stress. Moving is one of the top 5 stressful situations that people go through at least once in their lifetime. 

There, here we share eight essential tips to help you move long distances without stressing too much about it.   

File all important documents in one place

Before you decide to move, keep your documents handy to prevent last-minute fatigue. When you pack, sort all the essential documents such as medical insurance information, birth certificates, rental agreement, licenses, social security cards, and other vital paperwork and keep them in a file. You may need them in case of an emergency or upon your arrival in the new state. 

Update information

You’ll have to update your address on all the documents, including your driver’s license and other identity documents. Plan and research the forms and documents that you would need to change the address. 

Download Google Maps 

Google Maps will be your travel companion at the new location, so download it in advance. If your phone goes out of service or the battery dies, always keep a hard copy of your address and the contact number of a familiar local. 


Don’t bring things you won’t need to the new place. Moving everything that you have accumulated over the years seems reasonable, but it can be highly cumbersome and expensive. Pack all the stuff you don’t use anymore and donate them to your nearest Goodwill charity. You will be thankful later for the downsizing. 

Consider a storage solution

However, if you want to keep the things you can’t accommodate in the new place, consider stowing them away at a storage unit or a warehouse. Choose a facility near your new home and drop off all such things there before you move in. Check with your InterWest Moving & Storage Relocation Specialist for special rates. Choosing the same company for moving and storage can help streamline your move.

Make a checklist

Create a checklist for every crucial task before and after moving and keep adding and crossing off items. If you live with a partner or a family, share this list with them. It should include everything from changing mailing addresses to arranging cleanup and purchasing airline tickets. 

Stay on schedule

With a checklist and packing plan ready, make sure that you are on schedule. For better execution and to get everything done on time, create tasks or reminders on your phone or daily planner. Being organized will help you accomplish everything from booking a mover to enrolling children in a new school. 

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