There has been an impressive growth in the demand for warehousing and storage spaces for interior design or hotel companies to ensure quick deliveries for their projects. The world has witnessed a steep surge in e-commerce platforms and online purchasing, a development that has revolutionized consumer buying mechanisms and industry perspectives on distribution and warehousing.

Here we share five tips to help you find the warehouse that best will ensure your project is handled with expertise and with your company in mind. 

Diverse Capabilities

A standard warehouse cannot meet the demands of high-paced companies. A warehousing service provider with diverse capabilities can offer integrated solutions to ensure effective and seamless storage and delivery. An asset-based warehouse provides more value than a traditional non-asset warehouse with respect to cost and ease of operations. 


Service providers should equip warehouses with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and software to track shipments during transit. Clients should also monitor orders and inventory to integrate their supply chain systems with the warehouse’s existing software. 


Companies need to develop a keen understanding of labor force demands and labor costs to manage operations for efficient order fulfillment and timely delivery. The presence of reliable and experienced staff plays a crucial role in the efficient handling of goods. Here at InterWest Moving & Storage, our warehouse staff will act and perform as an extension of your team to ensure inventory and deliveries are accurate. 

Safe Storage 

Consider a company seeking warehouse space for products with strict safety and integrity requirements. It should feature alarms, secured entry, sprinklers, risk management processes, and proper credentials, people, and equipment to ensure safe storage and handling.


Location is key to position products close to customers for cost-effective and timely delivery. Determine transportation costs to and from the warehouse and include the distances to end customers when choosing the ideal warehouse. 

About InterWest Moving & Storage

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