The prospect of moving to a new city can be exciting but applying for jobs can be less so.

That’s why we want to help figure out how to find a job when moving somewhere new. Here are some tips to help you get a job lined up before the moving company arrives.

What Helps Your Chances with a Long-Distance Job Search?

It’s difficult to make yourself stand out when you’re not currently available in the area. However, there are certain factors that can help you overcome that fact. Your ability to land a job interview will rely heavily on the skills and experience you possess.

You’ll also need to compare this to the labor demand for that field in that particular area. Even if your expertise is valuable, certain areas may not be well suited to support an additional person in your field or for the salary you may be asking for.

Job seekers will have a much greater chance of finding new work elsewhere if they’re able to be flexible about where they’re going. If your moving location is non-negotiable, you may need to home in on certain strategies.

Online Networking and Social Media

Social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, has made it easier than ever to make yourself known to others in your industry. The entire platform is dedicated to networking like-minded individuals.

To assist you with your job hunting, update your online profiles to reflect your future location. You want to let your peers and prospective companies understand that you’re effectively committed to the new area. Recruiters and businesses in that area will be able to locate you easier when searching for new hires within that city. It’s also an opportunity to start networking with the companies that you’d like to work for.

Choose a Few Companies and Be Relentless

While searching online and forming network connections is valuable, it’s not enough to find success. Rather than waiting for the opportunity to come to you, you need to let whoever your future employer is that you’re all about business.

Locate actual businesses in the area you’ll be moving to and commit to getting yourself noticed. Even if they do not have current postings, make yourself known to those in your industry by submitting your resume, making calls, and sending emails. At the same time, don’t be overaggressive to the point of annoyance. Be diligent, follow up with people, establish contacts, and make sure people keep your name in mind when opportunities arise.

Moving to a New City with InterWest Moving and Storage

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