A cross country move often marks a big change in someone’s life. In order to start your new life out on the right foot, you’ll need to face numerous logistical challenges. Among these are finding a trustworthy moving company, ensuring any necessary jobs and schooling are set up, and making sure all of your belongings make it to your new home.

In this article, we’ll cover one of the biggest considerations you need to make: should I fly or drive when moving cross country? Both methods of transportation have their advantages, which we’ll cover below.


The biggest advantage of flying is the amount of time you save, but you’ll need to consider the amount of distance you’re traveling, as well as any layovers. Cross country moves mean you’re probably saving time, but the shorter the distance, the less time you’re saving.

Another disadvantage is the fact that you won’t be able to bring as many of your belongings with you because of baggage limitations.

At the same time, some people prefer the convenience of flying to driving. As well, some people can’t afford to take the time off work that may be necessary to drive in order to relocate cross-country.

If you choose this method, you’ll need to find a moving company you trust to ensure all of your valuable belongings are safely moved to your new home.


In most situations, driving is the more economical choice. You’ll want to compare the amount you expect to spend on gas money versus the amount of time you’ll be spending on airfare. The more people that are moving with you, the more money you’re going to save by driving.

At the same time, you’ll want to consider how much your time is worth. Do you have anything important that needs to be done in the area you’re moving to, like a job that you have to be at by a certain time and date?

If not, although driving can be monotonous, it can also be a chance for adventure. It’s worth paying careful attention to the route you’ll be taking, Are there any roadside attractions worth visiting? Any cities you or your family have wanted to visit?

The biggest disadvantage of driving to your new home is the amount of time it can take. If you have the time, though, this can actually be an advantage, allowing you to create memories that last a lifetime.

Need Professionals For Your Cross Country Move?

At Interwest Moving, we understand how stressful the moving process can be. You want to make sure you have all of your belongings in your new home. From a practical perspective, this ensures that you don’t have to spend money furnishing your new home.

There’s also a sentimental angle to be considered, though: when you’re getting used to a new location, it’s useful to have mementos and even furniture that you’re familiar with.

If you have any questions about your cross country move, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives for a free moving quote.