When you decide to move on your own, there are a lot of hurdles to watch out for. Despite the fact that you have to organize all of the help and take time off work and organize everyone’s schedules, you also have to make sure you don’t get hurt, and people get hurt a lot. When you’re moving there’s a lot of fatigue, exasperation, and just being bored with the situation that goes on. When people get bored, they get sloppy, and that’s how you end up with one of the four most common moving problems & injuries.

Take Care of Yourself!

The four most common moving injuries are fingers, feet, legs, and back.

two men demonstrating common moving problemsFingers: Often, people won’t hurt their fingers in a normal way such as just lifting things up, though everyone gets a paper cut from packing boxes; But people will often jam their fingers and break their knuckles on walls and chairs. They move quickly and are bracing a large box most times which tightens the skin, exposing more bone. When these get hit, there’s little in the way so you’ll end up with these deep pains.

Feet: Another easy way to bang your fingers is with your feet. I believe the most common way isn’t dropping things on your feet, but from stubbing your toes. There’s a lot of unseen problems when moving boxes because there is a box in the way.

Legs: Legs will always receive a special kind of damage that the back receives (as we will cover next.) Most of the injuries that happen with legs are bruising and fatigue. When people need a breather from holding something, use their legs. When they want to push something with extra force, their legs. It wears it down.

Back: The back is the most commonly injured body part during a move. Individual people might notice they hurt something more, but it’s going to be the back still because the back is huge and all that little spread out pain is still going to be detrimental the next day.

How To Stay Safe During Your Move

Gloves – You don’t want gardening gloves, but you don’t want latex gloves either. For me, a nice set of leather gloves or workman gloves with padding on the knuckles is best. I try to avoid cloth because it makes gripping a little harder.

Most Common Moving Injuries Boots – Some of the movers we work with swear by steel toe, but I believe any ratty set of boots will do. You want to make sure they can tie tight and provide plenty of room for your toes. If you want to invest in a set of shoes you’ll always want, steel toe is your best bet.

Back Belt – The back belt provides additional lumbar support which helps make it easier to strengthen and keep your muscles straight. Often long-term damage comes from lifting boxes awkwardly and in a direction that is twisting and pulling.

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