Along with death and divorce, moving is one of the three most stressful things you can do. The last thing you want to do is stress out your kids. And if moving itself is so stressful, it can be difficult to also worry about your kid!

In this article, you’ll find a brief guide for moving with kids.

Don’t Keep Your Kids in the Dark

Let’s start with the most important point first. Moving is a huge change for kids, much like it is for adults. It can be a confusing time, it can be a scary time, and your kids need you to be there for them.

This starts with letting them know when and why you’re moving. Letting them know at the last second – or keeping them in the dark as to why your moving – is likely going to breed nothing more than resentment.

This move is changing their lives. You need to be patient and give them time to process the details of why and when it’s happening. This allows them to say goodbye to their old home and emotionally prepare themselves for the new home.

Let Them Participate in the Move

If the above didn’t make things clear, here’s one of the biggest problems of moving with kids: they don’t feel like they have control. One of the best ways to negate this is to allow them to pack their own things. That’ll give younger ones the peace of mind to know that they have everything they need. For older kids, it may be enough for them that you’re not touching their stuff.

This may have the side effect of easing your stress during the move, but if your kids are young, there’s only so much you can expect. In fact, having young kids help while you’re packing kitchen items – or anything else that has the chance of danger – will probably end up making you more stressed.

Need a Moving Company?

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