Moving is one activity that most people want to avoid due to the amount of hard work involved, yet it often becomes unavoidable. During such situations, you would like to hire the services of a moving company as they make things a lot smoother and efficient. However, many people aren’t aware of what a professional moving company can offer. Knowing what they can do for you makes your entire experience even better.

Here’s everything you need to know about how a moving company works.

What are the essential moving services the companies offer?

When we think about the services of a moving company, we believe they only transport our belongings from one place to another. However, most professional moving companies do much more than that. Here’s what their services include:

Inventory creation

The first thing any reputable moving company would do for you is create an inventory list of all your belongings that you want to move. It will help both of you to determine what things need to be taken care of. They will also help you plan a timeline for the move after deciding the inventory.

Full-service packing

Once you have a definitive list of things you have to move, the moving company moves on to the next crucial steppacking all your belongings. Packing services slightly vary depending on what type of package you are opting for. If you opt for a full-service package, the movers will pack everything and dismantle your furniture too. They also use high-quality packaging materials like bubble wraps and packing blankets to ensure that your fragile items are not damaged.

Security check

The moving company will check all the moving vehicles and staff to securely transport all your valuables. They also offer insurance in case any unfortunate events occur during transit. It is especially beneficial if you are moving long-distance like to a new city or country. 

Loading, unloading, unpacking

The moving company also takes care of loading your belongings onto transport vehicles and unloading them at the new location. They also help you unpack everything and rearrange the furniture, and set them.

Clean-up services 

No professional moving company would leave you to deal with the mess packing and unpacking created at your residence. They will clean up the area and dispose of the trash for you.

How do moving companies calculate the cost?

Professional moving companies will send a professional to assess the number of belongings you want to move. They will tally in the space requirements and weight of the belongings and consider the difficulties the movers will face to move the items. It includes checking hallways, gates, stairs, lifts, parking space, etc. 

Then the moving company will provide you an estimate based on:

  • The distance to the new location
  • Total weight of the shipment
  • And the additional services you require.

These criteria are more effective for long-distance moves. For local moves, the company may charge you hourly. 

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