One of the significant concerns in commercial relocation is the minimization of downtime during the move. Relocation is about planning and budgeting, but you also need to focus on work continuity. You lose money every time there is a delay in re-starting your services. Co-ordination between management and employees can be stressful but plays an essential role while maintaining continuity during relocation. 

Plan To The Smallest Details

You will be planning the move closely with your relocation service provider. However, prepare for deadlines and expected downtime. Finalizing a logical floor plan will eliminate extra holdups in unpacking and arranging your equipment. Provide this plan to your movers, and they will set up the equipment with ease. 

If your new building doesn’t have furniture, plan to buy and arrange cabinets and workstations. Ask your movers if they have any requirements before and during the move and buy it on high priority. 


Communication lag is one of the top reasons that affect work efficiency during relocation. Open communication and discussion with employees will be the key to a smooth company relocation. Talk to them about the reasons for relocation and guide them through the process. 

Also, set task deadlines and communicate them to the team. This will allow employees to meet deadlines both before and after the relocation effectively. 

Remote Working

Don’t overlook the option of allowing your employees to work from home while movers pack and relocate your office. If you are worried about accountability and productivity while working from home, give them access to remote working tools. Select the right to remove working tools that will ensure productivity and train your employees to use them. Working from home will provide them with a new scenario while also ensuring continuity of work. 

Renting Space For Temporary Office 

If work from home isn’t a feasible option for a team or department, you can rent temporary working spaces. A team or department can work together while the office relocates. Temporary office spaces have infrastructures and resources to give your employees the right environment to get the work done. 

Multi-Phase Office Relocation

It is a practical option to move office in multiple phases as it allows your employees to be productive and meet deadlines. If you have pending orders and deadlines in the week of relocating, shift your office in various stages. You can also utilize work from home or rent temporary working spaces during multi-phase office relocation. 

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