So many people have no idea how to pack boxes, and it’s the biggest reason for people hurting themselves next to exhaustion or pre-existing conditions. There are several things to take into effect, the way the objects are placed and how tightly, as well as the materials, used to make the box.

You see, not only do you have to pack boxes for the good of the materials involved, but you will also have to pack boxes in a manner that doesn’t allow for them to make the person think they will fall. Most people hurt themselves in what is known as ‘jerk reactions.’ This is when you feel something follow, and you tighten to catch it. But caring about these inanimate objects can result in you being the one who is hurt. So the importance of properly packaging your moving materials plays a large effect on how well the move will go over time.

How To Properly Pack BoxesHow to Pack Boxes

Checkbox durability – First things first, you need to make sure that your box will match the durability of the contents that it contains. If you are using a flimsy box to carry bowling balls, you’re going to have a hard time. When you’re feeling for the material of the boxes, you need to examine to things, the thickness of the board, and the spacing of the ridges.

To check the thickness of the board, take an open flap and point it towards you. If they are pressed closely, that means that the box itself has been pressed in areas and could be structurally deficient.

Next, you want to check the spacing of the ridges; that is the gap between the slits. Cardboard is simply two thin pieces of wood that are stitched together with paper and held tight, the bigger the gaps in the between ridges means that there is more room for air and thus pressure to cause tearing and rips. This is why cardboard boxes that are better made will feel like wooden boxes.

Heaviest on Bottom – When you are stacking the boxes full of materials, you want the bulkiest items on the bottom. The more space at the bottom of the box you can place means the less likely that something will be able to stab it’s way through. Placing the heaviest on the bottom also means that the lighter objects will reduce the chance of being crushed.

Tighten as best as you can – All of the space that is available in the box will be used. If there are gaps and open areas that simply means that the objects will move inside the box. The tighter the boxes, the easier and more manageable it is to ship.

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