When we move, there are those things that we take with us that not only hold a special place in our hearts, but that is also high-value in the literal sense. These are generally seen as pieces of fine art, creations that cannot be recreated and therefore are virtually one of a kind. To help you with figuring out how to transport these items without worrying about their protection, allow us to give you some advice on how to handle the act of packing these precious items.

Packing Up Fine Art

Large Framed Pieces

When it comes to offering the best kind of external protection, heavy-duty picture boxes provide the best source of security. You can find these at most boxing and shipping locations, with most sites offering to pack it for you as well. This will make sure that not only are you getting the best material possible but that a professional is handling its encasement.

Small Pictures, Mirrors, Etc.

Have these individually wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper to help reduce the amount of pressure that may be applied to the item? This will help with lessening the chance of breakage of the glass.

Sculptures and Antiques

With many such pieces as these being oddly shaped, proper packing of these items is paramount. Make sure they are packed with more than enough bubble wrap as to allow for no space in the crevices of the and appendages of the piece. This will make sure to offer a fuller overall structure, and therefore eliminating weak points.

Interwest Moving

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