Clothes have little weight and aren’t generally considered fragile items, although some can occupy a lot of volume. Efficient packing helps you move and unpack them safely and wrinkle-free without any hassle, saving space in the box for more. We may think of ourselves as professional packers with our experience of packing for trips, college, and vacations. However, packing for moving is a different game altogether. 

Here are some tips to make packing and unpacking more fun and efficient:

Assess your closet

The first rule of assessing your clothes is knowing which clothes you wear regularly and which ones you don’t. The easy way to do it is by asking yourself the question, “Have I worn this dress in the last four months?” and you’ll have your closet reduced considerably. Although you may want to hold on to a few items you haven’t worn recently, it’s best to resist the temptation. Instead, discard the clothes that no longer fit, and if you are changing climates, let go of the ones that don’t suit the new region.

Get rid of clothes you don’t want

The best ways to get rid of the clothes you’ve decided to leave behind are:

  • Donate to thrift stores or your local Goodwill organization
  • Gift the clothes that don’t look good on you but would look great on a friend or family member.
  • Sell the unwanted clothes on places like Facebook Marketplace or conduct a garage sale.

Folding Techniques

  • Roll your clothes-  Rolling your clothes is a technique used by many travelers; it allows you to fetch the desired items without disturbing the overall organization. This may be an efficient way for travelers, but it is not usually recommended for moving purposes.
  • Folding your clothes- Using Marie Kondo’s Method to fold your clothes lets you stack your clothes properly. Segmenting your box by adding separators allows you to remove items without upsetting others, making the packing and unpacking process seamless and more efficient.

Use wardrobe boxes

For clothes that cannot be folded or wrinkle easily, these wardrobe boxes, made specifically for moving hanging clothes, are a great option. You can buy them easily from Amazon or in Lowe’s store. 

Use garbage bags or vacuum bags to cover your clothes

  • Garbage bags are a great choice to cover or pack your clothes. They keep them from getting dirty. Just make a hole on the bottom of the garbage bags to insert a hanger and tie the top after hanging clothes in it.
  • Vacuum bags are more efficient as they hold more clothes. They also take less space once vacuum-sealed.

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