Whether you move often or are packing your bags for the first time, the process is daunting even when you have help and time on your hands. However, not everyone has the luxury of time, so you may have to pack everything just in a day. It’s pretty challenging to pack your apartment in just a day. However, it isn’t impossible. With a bit of prep work and organized steps, you can pack everything for a move in a day.

Here’s our guide to packing your apartments for a move in a day. 

Step 1: Prepare a checklist

The first thing you need to do is make a checklist of your entire day’s activities. It will help you move through the tasks in an organized manner. Put the tasks on your list in the order of priority. Make it as detailed as you can as it will help you remember everything.

Step 2: Tackle one room at a time

Do not attempt to pack everything at once. The best way to go about it is to pack one room at a time.  It is best to start with your kitchen as it has a lot of small and fragile items. Therefore you cannot just throw them into boxes. 

Once you are done with the kitchen, you can move on to other rooms like the bedroom. Keep the kids room for the last.

Step 3: Create a purge and donate pile

You need to get ruthless here and divide your belongings into three categories:

  • Things you need: Everything you use currently or holds a sentimental value goes under this category.
  • Items you can donate: Here, you can add those belongings that you no longer use but can be helpful to others. You can include old clothes, toys, utensils, appliances, etc.
  • Things you need to throw away: Here, you need to pile up everything that is no longer usable by anyone. You can either send it to garbage or for recycling.

Step 4: Label your boxes carefully

Once you are done with the purge, you will be left with things that you need to pack for the move. Pack these items in cardboard boxes and secure them with tape and ropes. Don’t forget to label each box with markers. You can mark items as open first or last, as fragile, or kitchen items. Labeling your boxes is the key to stress-free unpacking.

Step 5: Use the space you have

If you have a suitcase or a duffle bag already packed with clothes or other stuff, don’t open it to repack. It will save you time to let those belongings remain there. The same goes for your wardrobes. If you have clothes in them that aren’t too heavy, let them stay there. It will save time and space.

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