Can you see a Blizzard Coming?

Most emergency protocols and weather stations can predict a blizzard or snowstorm coming well in advance. When this happens, it’s important to stay prepared and stay ready for anything!

Living in the intermountain west, we know all the ins and outs of what happens during a blizzard. We are always trying to do the best we can to prepare our clients for the upcoming storms of winter; please continue reading to learn more!

What To Do to Prepare for a Blizzard

There are two primary things to prepare for when you are expecting a blizzard to hit closely. You want to stock up and prepare for outages if you can.

Stock Up – You should stock up the kinds of foods you can easily eat and can fill you up for a long time. These are your typical canned foods and soups.

Prepare For Outages – When a blizzard hits, it’s likely that you could run out of power. Do your best to invest in a power bank and to keep your phone adequately charged without overdoing it; these should be used especially in emergency situations.

What if you get caught in a Snow Storm

In a Car?

car is surrounded by snowIf you are caught in a snow storm, and you are in your car, just follow these steps and you will be safe until help comes or the snow clears.

  • Contact Help and Let them Know where you are
  • Turn your Car on once every hour for about ten minutes
  • Ensure your window is a little cracked to prevent carbon monoxide from staying in the car
  • Tie a Colored object to the antennae of your car

By Yourself?

stuck out in a blizzardIf you are spontaneously caught in a snow storm by yourself, it’s vital to follow these steps

  • Immediately call for help and inform of your closest positions
  • Put yourself in a position against the wind so that you won’t get wind chill
  • Cover up every part of your body to ensure frostbite doesn’t happen
  • Start a fire or a source of heat
  • Get yourself low, dig a hole or find a cave to shelter yourself from the wind

Interwest Moving

Snowstorms and blizzards are dangerous parts of our winter life. While we love the area and where we are, we have to deal with these situations. If you have any additional questions about being caught in a blizzard or how to prepare, give us a call today!