Everyone does due diligence when packing for a move with fragile items like antiques, chinaware, and precious artwork. However, when it comes to electronics in our home, we all become careless, mainly because their sturdy plastic and metal casings make them look unbreakable. However, electronics are more delicate than we think, and a minor fall is enough to break them. You must pack your electronics as carefully as your other fragile items. 

Here are some tips to help you pack your electronics properly. 

Take backups

The first thing you need to do when packing your electronics like computers and laptops is to take a backup of all the data saved in it. Although there is minimal risk of damage if you pack things correctly, even a minor fall can damage the motherboard or hard disk in your computer, and you can lose your entire data. 

Remove the batteries

If you have electronics or gadgets that run on batteries, it’s prudent to remove the batteries before you pack them. They can corrode if exposed to heat and moisture during the move, damaging your entire device. Also remove loose parts such as DVDs, cartridges, and tapes as they may get jolted during transportation, damaging the internal components. 

Use original packaging if available

It may seem like a waste of space to store empty boxes, but electronics are best stored and carried in their original packaging boxes. If you have kept the boxes intact, use them to pack your electronics before the move. 

Pick appropriate ‌moving boxes

If you haven’t kept the original packaging, the next best option is to find a good quality packing box of similar size. Put in styrofoam sheets and packing peanuts into the box to create a thick layering of protection, before placing the device into the box. Cover the top with the sheet to protect the top of the device. Add silica gel to the boxes to prevent moisture buildup. Seal the box using packing tape on all sides. 

Store your electronics in the climate controlled environment

Electronic devices are highly susceptible to temperature changes. Extreme cold can cause specific components to contract or even freeze. In contrast, heat can expand and loosen the wires and connections in your electronic devices. Hence, you must ensure they are not exposed to heat or cold during transportation. If you plan to store your electronics for some time, use a temperature-controlled storage facility. 

Use moving blankets

You should cover the screen with moving blankets if you transport breakable items like LED displays and desktops. The blankets protect the screen against breaking and damage. 

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