saving money on movingHey, it’s moving season, but your pockets are tight. We get it, we’ve been there. We started off as a moving company because we moved and thought we were pretty good at it. The rest is history, now we’re Interwest Moving, one of the most highly regarded moving companies, but you’re just an average home owner trying to relocate easily. So how do you save money on the move?

First, let us put a disclaimer up. This is a moving company, and we believe you should hire a moving company. Ultimately, the risks outweigh the rewards here. Doing it all by yourself risks fatigue, exhaustion, injury, and property damage. But we also know that moving company rates aren’t cheap, people have to provide for their families while also putting themselves under this risk instead. It’s tricky. But we also want you to save money so here are our ways of saving money with a moving company.

How to Save Money on your moving company

money movingPack Yourself – We offer a great packing service that makes sure all of your belongings are safe, compact, and secure. Which is great unless your packing bread and marshmallows. But we also have a blog that shows you how to pack boxes properly. Check it out, and we promise you can be packing boxes with the best of us. Pack it, tag it, store it properly so when we get there we can hit the ground running.

Move to Storage – Want to save space in your new place as well as save money on the move? Put your stuff in storage. There are countless things that we will move that the owner has no business keeping in their houses. But that is none of our business, so we don’t say anything on the spot. But there are great storage companies that give great rates to keep your belongings safe and secure instead of being dragged around like baggage.

Moving on a budget Limit the Movers and Work With Yourself – If you have a two person move, just hire one mover. The movers will hate us for saying this because it’s their job. But if you are trying to save money, jump in there yourself. Grab some shorts and pick up some boxes to carry yourself. Leave the heavy lifting to us and make sure you get your job done the right way.

Interwest Moving

Interwest Moving has been working in the moving industry for several years, and in that time we have helped countless houses, businesses, college kids, and corporations alike move. If you would like to learn more about our services or our rates, give us a call today!