In a previous article, we dove into why moving tends to be so stressful. One of the culprits behind our discomfort is a lack of time and planning.

InterWest Moving and Storage wants to help you learn how to make moving simple. Consider some of these important tips to help you prepare for moving day.

Create a Schedule and Follow It

The best method for finding and making the most of time is to plan it. It’s easy to procrastinate when moving and packing, but that’s exactly what ends up causing stress. You don’t want to be someone who is scrambling to acquire packing material and figuring out how to get things done on time.

Create a plan to pack certain items each day. By starting the moving process in advance, you’ll be able to make a little progress each day without taking too much time out of your day. Come moving day, you’ll be packed and ready to go without worry

Label Everything

In regard to general packing tips, be sure to label everything in a way that works for you. You can simply dictate on each box what belongs to each room, or you can create a colored packing system for extra clarity. This not only helps you sort your things out quicker but aids your movers in unloading boxes on the moving truck to their respective homes.

Use Boxes Designed for Moving

It’s a popular idea to try salvaging cardboard boxes from grocery stores. However, these boxes are likely already crushed, unclean, and not sturdy enough to protect your belongings.

An easy way to avoid worrying about your household goods and fragile items is to store them in boxes designed for moving. Pack things away in these boxes with packing paper or bubble wrap to provide the sturdiness and security you need. These boxes can always be broken down and stored away if you ever need to move again.

Figure Out What You Won’t Pack

Some items may just be too sensitive or valuable to risk packing away. Goods such as heirlooms, important documents like birth certificates or social security cards, or other valuables should stay nearby or on your person. This also includes anything that you might need immediate access to such as passports.

You’ll also need to sort out arrangements for goods that movers can’t transport for you. This includes plants, ammunition, and hazardous materials.

Find a Licensed and Insured Moving Company

When recruiting the help of a moving company, you shouldn’t hire just anyone in the area. Professional movers should proudly reveal their credentials which verify them as legitimate movers. You’ll also be able to look into their reviews and history to check for any outstanding issues. A good moving company will offer reasonable quotes and stick by their pricing. Don’t settle for a moving company you can’t rely on.

Make Moving Simple with InterWest Moving and Storage

Fortunately for you, InterWest Moving and Storage satisfies all of those criteria. We’re a professional, licensed, and insured moving company with years of experience. We offer a variety of moving services for both local and long-distance moves, as well as corporate relocation here or abroad.

To get help making your next move simpler, contact us today for a free quote. We’ll be sure to have a local agent contact you immediately.