Moves can be exciting, allowing you to experience a new place and the people within them. That said, they can also be intimidating, as you won’t have the same social network you established at your previous home. The answer is to make friends in the new area, but how?

In this article, we’ll discuss a few ideas for how you can make friends in a new area: by holding a housewarming party, getting involved in the community, and finding friends online. We hope this helps you as you settle into your new home.

Hold a Housewarming Party

Often, the best way to meet people is by taking initiative. Holding a housewarming party means opening your home up to the neighborhood. It’s a great way to get conversations started and be exposed to many of the people that your neighborhood has to offer.

Some people don’t want to hold a housewarming party too soon after they move, which is completely understandable given how exhausting the moving process can be. Neighbors will be understanding if you wait a couple weeks before throwing the party, or if the party is BYOB. The goal isn’t necessarily to impress your neighbors, it’s to meet them.

Get Involved

Most communities have a number of different ways for you to get involved in local goings-on. Some of this is political, such as local elections or even HOA boards, but some of it is also related to clubs.

Meetup, for instance, can show you a variety of different events and clubs that take place in your area. Joining one of these is great because it allows you to find people with similar interests.

Find Friends Online

While making friends in your local area is the best way to sustainably ensure that you have friends in real life, it can also be useful to meet people online and maintain those friendships online.

Because online friendships don’t change no matter where you go, they can be very good to have if you’re someone who frequently moves.

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