Moving in with your elderly family members is a significant step. As we grow older, our lifestyle is based around our schedules, and adding more members to our lives can be a hectic and often stressful change for both parties. In addition, older people might need support and help throughout the day because of their age or health complications. If your existing living arrangement cannot accommodate more people, living with your parents may not be the best idea. 

And if you have made up your mind about shifting with them, avoid the following things so you can live together harmoniously: 

Do not forget to make modifications

Depending on how much your parents can get around, you might have to make essential changes to your living space to accommodate them. For example, widening the doorways for easy access by a wheelchair or a walker; installing an electric chair lift for the stairs, costing between $5000 and $10,000. Grab bars in the bathroom are an essential addition to help the elderly with personal care chores like bathing and toileting safely and independently. For such alterations, services like can be used. 

Financial factors

Moving with elders impacts your finances as well. Depending on their health and lifestyle, additional purchases may be added to the monthly bill like medicines, routine check-ups, and even groceries. In addition, there may be emergencies involving surgeries that can put a bump into your accounts.

Not setting boundaries-

Shifting in with the elderly, you need to realize that your home will no longer be your refuge alone. You will have to share common space; they might want help at odd hours or knock at your door while meeting. You need to set boundaries at the beginning itself, so they know when and where they can ask for your help if it is not an emergency.

Plan the day according to their needs-

It may not be immediately apparent, but living with your parents may sometimes mean your plans will be canceled. It is better to talk to them when planning a big get-away, so none of you are heartbroken at the end. There still might be emergencies during a scheduled day, which can result in last-minute cancelations, but it’s important to acknowledge that it’s not their fault. 

Acknowledging the need for support-

Handling personal life, professional life, and adding caretaking to the tasks is unrealistic, and external support eventually becomes necessary, whether it’s in the form of adult day-care, in-home care, or senior living.

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