Your Moving Company Should Be Certified

Every moving company should be certified; it’s simply the best way to validate that you are not one of those scam movers ripping people off. Everyone knows you should have a D.O.T. and at least an AMSA certification to show that you’re legit in the moving world. But what are the other certifications a moving company should get to separate themselves from the crowds of other moving companies on the market out there?

The Best Moving Company Certifications


moving certificationsThe Better Business Bureau is a great way to show that you’re validating yourself as a moving company. However, it can provide some skewed results since the majority of companies listed on the BBB have to pay a $500 membership fee to move your rating above a B.

Move For Hunger

Move For Hunger is a great organization that enlists the help of movers to provide their services for charities and fundraising events. It’s a great way to generate positive publicity for a moving company and connect with the community.

Five Star Ratings

Websites such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp all make it easy for real people to leave real reviews. It’s a great way to generate some validity as a business if you can get your customers to leave reviews. However, they tend to vary regarding veracity since anyone can leave a review, even the moving companies families.

Charity Movers

moving company certificationsFinally, charity moving companies are a little more prestigious, but it requires much more effort. There are countless charity movers out there that will use their services for charity without slumming it around with the Move for Hunger crowd.

Interwest Moving

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