Even as e-readers grow more and more popular, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a physical book. Whether you really enjoy their smell or you simply find the reading experience more pleasurable, we at Interwest Moving understand why some people keep personal libraries.

At the same time, the weight of these books can make them difficult to move. Below, we’ll explain some things it’s important to keep in mind when moving books: why you should think hard about which books you intend to move, why it’s a good idea to start packing early, and the importance of using small boxes.

We hope this helps you make your next move successful.

Think Hard About What You Want To Keep

The more books you have, the more you have to move. There are a few different ways to decide which books to keep and which books to give away.

The first is by looking at the books you’ve already read and determining which ones you didn’t enjoy enough to keep. The second is by looking at the books you haven’t read; if you haven’t ready them by now, are you ever really going to read them?

At the end of the day, this is generalized advice. You know better than anyone else which books you want to keep.

Start Packing Early

If you’re a bookworm, the chances are high that you won’t be able to pack books quickly. It’s all too easy to look at a cover and think you need to read a couple pages. This is especially true if you’re trying to determine which books you want to get rid of and which books you want to keep.

This is why it’s a good idea to start packing books as soon as possible. Along with ensuring they’re ready to go when moving day arrives, an early start allows you to appreciate the packaging process. In some instances, this may be the first time you’ve paid attention to some of these books in a while. That makes it an experience to be savored.

Pack Books In Small Boxes

Books are very dense, which means you don’t want to put them in large boxes. These boxes can be too heavy to carry, and there’s a chance they could even break, depending on the material that they’re made of.

Before moving day, pick up the boxes of books you’ve packed to ensure that they’re a manageable weight to carry.

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