Moving Scams and how to avoid them!

You shelled out money to a company that barely spoke, had a rickety van and a shady looking website. Then, the unthinkable happens. The bill is much higher than it should be, some of your things are broken, injured, or worse missing. But how could this have happened? Simple, you, like many others, have discovered moving scams.

Avoiding Moving ScamsWhat is a Moving Scam?

A moving scam is when a moving company will try to dupe the client out of either their belongings or of the final bill. While both are distinctly different, they both result in the client’s trust being taken advantage of and loss of property.

Move by Weight Scam – One of the ways that moving scams will be able to dupe money out of the client is billing by net weight. People will receive a bill based on what the estimated weight of their belongings will be only to discover that the weight was wildly misjudged. This causes a huge spike in what the end bill would be while still being justified based on the terms of the agreement that the owner signed.

Hostage Loads – One of the ways that moving scammers will be able to secure their capital from the client or homeowner. This means that they can keep and sell your belongings to make up the payments that are owed based on their criteria of moving.

While all of these are awful, it’s also hard to tell when general theft has been performed or intentional destruction of property. Sometimes Movers can be trying to make an extra amount on the side and will skim products off the top.

Moving ScamsHow to Avoid Moving Scams?

Read the Contract – The first thing you need to do, especially when your personal belongings are involved, is to get a contract, read it, and have it signed. When you are hiring someone for a service, you want to make sure you are both playing in the same legal ballpark.

Know your Movers – Often a company will advertise their movers so that you can get to know them. Actively engaging and participating in the move will put you close to your movers, put you in the know about the wellbeing of your belongings, and will also let you have a good read on the kind of people you are letting around your personal effects.

Get a Trusted Moving Company – The best and easiest way is to find a trusted moving company. You’re looking at it.

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