The dynamic capital of Utah has something to offer to everyone. From its rich religious culture to beautiful lakes and paleontological wonders, Salt lake city is among the best places to live in the U.S. If you plan to move to Salt lake city, you should know a few things about this beautiful place. 

Here are a few things you should know before moving to Salt Lake City. 

It has arguably the best snow on earth

Salt lake city is for you if you are an outdoorsy person and love a good winter snowfall. Due to ‌‘the lake effect’, the snow here is splendid with a powdery texture. The mountains in salt lake city have some of the most incredible resorts and ski places where you can spend your weekends and vacations. 

But all this snow doesn’t mean that summers are bad here. The mountains are impressive during summers too. 

It is not all Mormon

A common misconception about Salt lake city is that it has only Mormons. It is not entirely true. A significant part of the population does follow Mormonism in Salt lake. But you can find several people following different religious groups here as well. 

It is cheaper compared to other big cities

Cost plays a vital role in deciding a new place to move to. And you would be happy to know that Salt Lake city is comparatively cheaper than other big cities in the US. You can rent a studio apartment for about 1129 dollars and a two-bedroom apartment for about 1600. Other expenses such as utilities, groceries, and gas are also reasonably priced. 

Transportation and traffic is also manageable

Spending hours stuck in traffic every day is not something anyone looks forward to. But most cities are plagued by heavy traffic that takes away valuable time in commute. The grid system makes it easier to navigate Salt Lake city, even for someone new to the city. And the roads are big enough to minimize unnecessary traffic jams. 

The city is full of tourist attractions

The city has a lot of fun places you can visit. The temple square is a sight to behold during winters when it is decorated with Christmas lights. And if you want a nature reprieve, five national parks in Utah are all just a 3-4 hour drive away from the city. If you’re going to stay in the city, you can also go to the park city to enjoy a peaceful weekend.

The air quality is poor

No city is without flaws, and one issue of living in Salt Lake City is dealing with the pollution and poor air quality of the town. The primary reason behind the pollution is that the city’s geographical location makes it difficult for clean air in the atmosphere to enter it. 

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