The pandemic has changed how most people think about home and life. Even before the pandemic, people found the hustle and bustle of city life cumbersome. 

However, the pandemic expedited things, and people fell in love with the suburbs more than ever before. There are various reasons why people prefer suburbs over urban areas. Some are as simple as lower prices, while others are more complex. 

Here are some popular reasons why suburbs are making a comeback. 

Multi-family housing trends

Multi-family buildings such as multi-unit, high-rise, and urban houses are turning into four-unit buildings outside the city areas. However, while families are moving to the suburbs to be far away from the city, everyone still wants the comforts of an urban home. Suburban homes offer people the opportunity to maintain the comfort of the cities away from the hustle, that too at an affordable range. 

The new trend of home office

Even though the pandemic might be somewhat over, the trend of working from home has not faded away. Over 60% of companies in the USA still offer remote work to their employees, and most workers want it. It also enables people to stay away from the city and continue working. The work-from-home trend is another reason people prefer suburbs over cities. 

Digital demands

Working from a suburban home enables people to stay with their families — however, that’s not the only reason people prefer suburbs. Staying in the suburbs is also becoming more lucrative as real estate owners are offering affordable homes with smart functionalities and tech advancements to city dwellers. These advancements make working from home easier and more comfortable compared to living in a city and commuting to the office daily. 

Space and Sustainability

Another reason suburban homes are back in trend is their space and freshness. Most suburban homes are bigger than one-room apartments in the biggest of cities. They also have ample outdoor space for gardening and leisure.

The fact that people are moving towards long-term rentals rather than buying homes also plays a role in the growing attraction of suburbs. It also enables people to have larger living spaces as they don’t have to worry about mortgages and down payments, just the rent. 

Being close to nature

Another benefit of being in the suburbs is that you are far closer to nature than you can ever be in the city, even with parks and other small pieces of nature in the city. In the suburbs, you are practically living with nature and can have a healthier lifestyle. It is also one of the major reasons people are moving to the suburbs. 

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