Generally speaking, moving can be a very stressful ordeal. Making sure your everything is packed and sorted, that the moving company or the truck that you are renting is in order and ready to transport your things, that you are financially able to pay for all of the expenses that come with the move. It is crucial that you keep your head about you, and do your best to keep yourself calm during this trying ordeal. That being said, it is vital that you do not forget the well-being of your faithful, non-human companion, your pet. This is a big step for them as well, and it is essential that you make sure the move is as easy on them as possible as well. Here are some things to consider when it comes to this.

Talk to Your Vet

Let your vet know about the move, especially if it means you are moving too far away from their office; in this case, inform them that you will be leaving their practice. Make sure your animal’s medication is given to your new vet.

Utilize your Vehicle

Take them to their new home in your car. This will help reduce the stress they are feeling, as the car’s interior has semblances of scent that they associate with home.

Separate Them

Keep them away from any movers that are aiding you in this move. The presence of other people can stress them out or possibly make them violent towards the workers. Keep them calm and comfortable, with something holding your scent to keep them company.

Pets other than Cats and Dogs

Some people prefer a more exotic array of pets at their home. In this case, moving some of these animals can require you to do things a little differently.

Fish – Fish respond strongly to stress, and a move can be traumatizing, if not fatal. It isn’t ideal, but you can transport them short distances in bags filled with their old tank water (check with your local aquarium store for supplies and more details). If you have a long distance to travel it’s best to give them a new home with a friend, empty the tank, and buy fresh fish after you unpack.

Rodents – Hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, etc. are known to suffer from change or being jostled around. Their hearts are particularly susceptible so please take care with guinea pigs and make sure they are transported in a warm, comfortable, small carrier.

Birds – Many people proudly announce that their bird has never flown off the shoulder, and sadly regret the complacency. Birds, like most pets, are very jittery about change. So even when the smartest parrot balks at the idea of being put in a cage, please do it on moving day.

Reptiles – Many sure anything in their enclosure that could fall during the move is removed, as it can cause injury, and make sure they are well heated.