Need help moving furniture to your new home? Along with major appliances, heavy furniture is among the burdensome items that require a bit of know-how to stay safe while moving quickly and efficiently.

Whether it’s local moving or long-distance, the experts at Interwest Moving & Storage want to provide you some key tips and advice for moving your furniture safely.

Need Help Moving Furniture That’s Tall and Heavy?

It can be extremely difficult to move heavy and long furniture such as couches or cabinets. When you need these items moved, have one individual hold the piece of furniture from the top, and have another hold it from the opposite end at the bottom. This will create an effective distribution of weight so that both parties have an added secure hold on the furniture item. This method works well for items that will safely fit through the door frame as is.

When it comes to items that are typically too wide for the door such as a couch, you’ll want to stand it on end to get it inside. Those moving the couch need to take advantage of the extra space, height-wise, and work it through that way. Remove the couch cushions to give some wiggle room, and work it slowly around the corner, taking advantage of the shape.

Check to See if You Can Take It Apart

Sometimes the easiest way to safely move heavy furniture without damaging it is to disassemble it. Wooden furniture typically holds together via nuts and bolts which can be easily taken off. Moving the smaller pieces separately is not only easier on the back but allows you to individually wrap and secure components to prevent scratching or chipping.

Other furniture such as recliners or chairs may be able to be disassembled with a little bit of know-how. However, don’t utilize this option if you’re unsure of what you’re doing as to avoid unnecessary damage to your valued items.

Remove the Door Altogether

A lot of furniture has trouble making it through that last hurdle into the doorway of the home. Doors are very easy to unhinge and remove for the duration of home moving. Unscrew the door from the frame and store it somewhere safe for the time being. You’ll have a nice open space without worrying that you’ll get stuck or scratch something on the door’s edge.

Need Help Moving Furniture? Get Professional Furniture Movers

There’s no doubt that moving heavy furniture is a lot of hard work. You also need to be careful to stay safe during an already stressful time. Our Interwest Moving and Storage moving crew, located in Bozeman, Idaho Falls, and Salt Lake City provides full-service expert moving services that take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

The professional movers at Interwest utilize a variety of moving tools and wrappings to make transport easier while keeping your items safe from harm. We’re a proud member of the Atlas Network with over 500 agents keen on providing you the best moving solutions in the industry wherever you’re going. For more information or to get your free quote, contact us today at (800) 877-1091.