Re-opening in a new location marks a new chapter in the story of every business as it does for everyone who relocates along with it. However, office relocation is a hectic and stressful task. It’s like a storage house of the supermarket, where all the chaos happens. But we all know how organized the customer area looks because of the well-thought-out methods. Planning involves carefully strategizing your procedure step-by-step for everything before, during, and after the relocation is completed. Any complex task can be simplified using plans, and ultimate plans involve ultimate checklists. 

Here is the ultimate moving checklist that will streamline your office relocation-

Before The Move-

  • Fix the time frame: As a business, relocating on time without any delays is critical. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, you cannot miss your workdays as many customers are dependent on your services. Schedule every task so you understand when you should complete it. Also, set a date when you want the move to happen to get everyone ready on time.
  • Find the new location: If you are relocating, you need another place to shift into. You must have enough experience from your old office about the requirements your new office should fulfill.
  • Create an inventory: Making a list of all the items that need to be shifted into the new office is essential. For instance, involve the number of desks, chairs, appliances, IT gadgets, computers, and air conditioners in your inventory list.
  • Divide and rule: Delegating tasks and responsibilities is the easiest method of getting things done efficiently and quickly. Divide everyone into teams and designate leaders to streamline duties.
  • Inform everyone about your relocation: You must inform your prior tenant, staff members, and clients about your relocation plans. Let them know about the dates, so they don’t go to the older location.
  • Create the floor plan: You need to decide where all things will go to assist the movers. They will organize everything for you, including your cables and IT gadgets.

During the Move-

  • Keep the leaders close: Assign everyone their positions. Give a leave day to other staff members to avoid any injuries and confusion during the move. Assigned coordinators should be enough to handle everything on the moving day.
  • Communicate with the movers: On the moving day, you need to talk to the moving crew and ask them about their plans for the day. Although all process-related talk must be done months before the final day, you should still ensure that everything goes according to the set program.
  • Check the vacated building: Once the old place is cleared, you should appoint a few people to move through the building and check for left items and damages.

After the Move-

  • Welcome your employees: Office moving companies set up everything in your new building as per the floor plan. All you have to do is welcome your employees to the new office.

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