Clothes are something you can never have enough of, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, until you have to move. Packing clothes can be challenging if you don’t know what you are doing. You need to be careful about how you pack your clothes so that they don’t take up a lot of space and cost you extra money with the moving and storage services

Here are some tips you should know to pack your clothing better. 

Get a garment box

When packing your clothes, you may think standard packaging boxes are sufficient. However, once you use a garment box, you’ll realize you have been missing out. With a garment box, you can simply pull the clothes hanging in your wardrobe into the box without removing the hangers, making the entire process a lot quicker. 

Vacuum seal bulky items

Everyone has those jackets and blankets that take up more space than they need. Vacuum seal such items after putting them in a vacuum seal bag. Doing so makes these bulky items shrink and occupy less space in your moving boxes. 

Don’t let your suitcases go waste

Many people make the mistake of packing empty suitcases when moving. However, suitcases are the best way to carry your clothes when moving. Roll your clothes and pack them in your suitcases to keep them safe during transit. 

Use the dresser drawers

Another storage space to keep your clothes safe during the move is your dresser drawers. Pack all your clothing items in the dresser drawers and wrap the dresser with a plastic wrap to keep the clothes in place when moving the dresser. 

Keep your delicate items in a garment back

Some clothes are more fragile than others, that’s why they need special treatment. Your evening gowns and tuxedos won’t fare well if you pack them with your denims and other rugged clothes. Hence, ‌pack them separately in a garment box to ensure they aren’t damaged during the move. 

Keep similar items together

Unpacking your clothes is as time-consuming as packing them. To make the unpacking easier, pack similar items together. Make sections in your suitcase or garment box to keep everything organized and easier to put back into your wardrobe once you unpack. 

Think small for garment boxes

When you think about clothes, heavy isn’t a word that comes to your mind. However, when collected in a pile of boxes, they can be hard to lift. Therefore, go for smaller containers to pack your clothing. They make it easier to carry, load, and unload at the new location. 

Give away the items you no longer wear

If you want your baggage to be smaller, the best way is to get rid of clothes you no longer wear. The best parameter to decide what to give away is to check what you haven’t worn for a year or longer. Give those items to charity or your nearest Goodwill center. 

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