There are a lot of different things you need to do in order to ensure that your move is a success. This includes saying goodbye to neighbors, determining your work situation in your new area, making sure the kids are able to go to school, and so on. Amidst all of that, it’s easy to let smaller things fall by the wayside, like packing clothes for a move.

While some people find packing clothes tedious, it can be both easy and fun. Below, we’ll list a few of the things you should consider when packing your clothes for a move.

Decide What Clothes You Want to Bring With You

Before going through the trouble of packing clothes and paying to have them moved, you’ll want to consider if there’s anything you can get rid of. A move can represent a fresh start in life, and this may be one of the few opportunities you get to take a look at everything in your closet.

Ask yourself how many times you’ve worn a particular piece of clothing. When’s the last time you wore it? If there’s anything in your closet that you don’t want to take with you, you can give it to friends, give it to charity, or simply throw it out.

Is It Better to Roll or Fold Clothes?

How you pack your clothes will vary based on the item of clothing in question. While folding is easiest, it isn’t always the most practical. Many casual pieces of clothing — like dresses, t-shirts, and so on — will take up significantly less space when they’re rolled.

While rolling will be more efficient for many pieces of clothing, it won’t work as well for sweaters, dress shirts, or most pieces of formal clothing. Sweaters will take up more space when rolled, while the other listed items may form wrinkles more easily.

Make Sure Everyone Has Clothes During the Moving Process

The moving process can take a while, so you want to make sure to not leave all of the clothing in moving boxes. Generally speaking, you should make sure everyone has at least a week’s worth of clothing, since this should be enough time to make the journey and start unpacking.

That said, you’ll want to take into consideration how far you’re moving and  how long you expect the unpacking process to take. It’s always important to label your boxes when moving, but it’s particularly important to make sure you understand which boxes your clothes have been packed in.

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