Moving into a new house along with your family can be stressful. However, you can make this tedious task less cumbersome with some effort and a foolproof to-do list to guide you. 

Therefore, here we walk you through the ultimate list of things you need to consider before moving into a new home. It will make your job less stressful and better managed. 

Do a walkthrough

Take a look at the house you are going to move in when it’s empty. A thorough inspection will allow you to request repairs from the previous owner and ensure that all utilities such as switches, faucets, outlets, and fixtures are working properly. Also, check that the house has all the items included in the sale contract. 

Start months earlier

No matter how small your house is or how few your belongings, it will take twice the time to pack your stuff if you have children. The days will fly with only a fraction of the task done. Therefore, you must give yourself and the family sometime before the move so you can organize things, create a packing schedule, and stick to it. 

Keep children involved

Packing becomes difficult with regular household chores and work schedules. Children can also hamper the flow as they may not understand what is happening and hate to see their toys being packed and sent away. Keep the lines of communication open and keep enthusiasm levels high with your children.

Schedule home improvement and repair

These are the inevitable aspects of moving into a new home. It would help if you got leaky plumbing, broken windows, and the thermostat fixed either by the previous owner or the property management company before you move in. 

However, wanting home improvements such as more furniture, changing locks, painting, and siding are your personal preferences, and you will have to schedule them yourself. But it’s better to get the upgrades done before moving. 

Book a cleaning service

Although the previous owner will get the property cleaned before your move, it may not be up to your expectations. Therefore, schedule a deep clean service a day or two before you move, so you step into a spotless home and start unpacking right away.  

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