Whenever there is a move, everyone’s worst fear is losing their precious belongings or breaking their fragile items during transit. This fear is not entirely unreasonable as delicate items such as groceries, glass items, framed paintings, musical instruments, and certain electronics can get damaged if not packed correctly. Using the correct packing techniques and quality-packing materials can ensure that your belongings remain safe during the move. 

Here are some packing and moving tips to help you keep your fragile items safe. 

Opt for smaller boxes 

One of the common mistakes people make when packing fragile items is packing them in the same boxes as other belongings. Using bigger boxes for fragile items leaves space in the boxes, which increases the chances of breaking when the boxes are moved. Also, ensure that the boxes you buy are of good quality, not the flimsy ones that break easily when you put little weight on them. 

Pack the boxes correctly

Another thing that you can do to ensure your fragile items won’t break is to pack the boxes properly. Start by thoroughly taping the bottom of the box, so they don’t split open in the middle of the move. Place your items in the box and fill the hollows using thermocol balls and bubble wraps. You can also add cushioning materials at the bottom of the box. Seal the box at the top using tape nicely. 

Use dividers for glasses

When packing your glasses, you need to be extra careful. Use glass divider cardboard boxes when packing them. Also, ensure that you don’t put more glasses in the box than they can fit. If there is any space after putting the glasses, fill that with wrapping paper. 

Don’t forget to label your delicate items

Once you have packed the boxes, always label your fragile items boxes with the content and breakable sign. It will ensure that anyone who carries it during the move is extra careful with them. You will also be able to identify them easily when unpacking. 

Pack the plates correctly

Another fragile item most people pack incorrectly is plates, which end up breaking. Pack your breakable plates in bubble wrap, secure them with tape, and put them vertically in the box to occupy less space. Don’t forget to fill the gaps using wrapping paper.

Pack fragile electronics separately

Some of the electronic gadgets you have are as fragile as your chinaware and cutlery, so you must pack them properly. When packing electronics, it is best to use the packaging box from the manufacturer. However, if you don’t have the box, use packaging boxes and the packing materials properly to secure them. 

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