Moving is a high-stress situation for you and everyone involved. And by choosing the wrong van line, you can make things even more complicated as they add to your stress with incompetence instead of decreasing it. That’s why at InterWest Moving works with Atlas Van Lines for all our moves. They bring quality, safety, and affordability, all in a neat little package to your doorstep for the move.

Atlas Van Lines is one of the long-standing van lines in the United States that provides local and international moves for the past 70 years. Here are five reasons that make Atlas Van Lines your best choice for a move.

Faster long-distance moves

Atlas Van Lines has more than 430 local agents in the United States and Canada and partners in over 140 countries globally. So wherever you live in the US and wherever you want to move globally, Atlas Van Lines can help you move within days. In contrast, other van lines can take weeks or even months for such long-distance moves.

Specialized services for your delicate items

No one wants their precious pianos, artworks, luxury bikes and cars, and other delicate items to be damaged during the move, whether local or international. With Atlas Van Lines, you don’t have to worry about such things. They have special services for moving such bulky yet delicate items securely to their destination.

Additional coverage

Even after taking all the precautions, sometimes your valuables may get damaged during transit due to unforeseen events. One way to get additional coverage for your valuables is to go for the protection plan offered by Atlas Van Lines. They provide optimal value for your valuables through full-value protection (FVP). Under FVP, you can get:

  • Repair damaged, lost, or destroyed items
  • Replace damaged, lost, or destroyed items
  • Or cash settlement for the current market value of your items
  • Full-Value Protection = $10,000 OR total weight of shipment x $6 per pound

Storage facility

Sometimes your belongings may reach ahead of time, or there may be some delay in setting up your new abode. Whatever the reason is, you may need some space to store your belongings securely till you are ready to set up everything. Atlas Van Lines has a perfect solution for such situations as well. They provide climate-controlled storage facilities to keep your items safe and in top condition till you can move them to their actual destination.

Full-service packing

Packing is a pain area when it comes to moving. Most of the stress is caused during this activity. It involves a lot of time and effort and proper management of everything to ensure that packing goes right. Atlas Van Lines provides complete packing services to its clients. From everyday household items to bulky furniture and fragile items that need extra care, they pack everything carefully so that nothing gets damaged during transit.

 About InterWest Moving & Storage

If you plan to move locally or internationally and are looking for a reputable moving company, InterWest Moving & Storage should be your one-stop destination. An agent of Atlas Van Lines, we have been delivering high-quality transportation services to our customers since 1956. Apart from residential packing and moving, we also provide domestic and international corporate, art and government relocation services. You can call our toll-free number (800) 877-1091 to book your services and get a free quote.