So you’re moving your store to a new location. There are a few different reasons you might’ve chosen to do this: maybe you wanted to move into a bigger space, maybe your current location wasn’t the right fit for your business. Regardless of the reason, there are a few things you’ll want to do before you move.

Let Your Customers Know You’re Moving to a New Location

If people know you’re moving, they’ll know they can’t procrastinate on visiting your store. Additionally, the knowledge will encourage your customers to follow you to the new store, instead of simply forgetting about your store and wondering what happened to it.

This also allows you to hold a Going Away sale. This is great because it leads to increased sales, yes. And it’s also helpful for reminding your customers that you’re going to a new location. But most importantly, it allows you to get rid of stock that you would otherwise be required to move. The fewer items you have to move, the less your move is going to cost.

Make Sure Your Customers Know Where They Can Find You

You’ll want to keep as many old customers are possible. The question, then, becomes how you convince them to shop at your new location. First, you want to post your new address in the window store for as long as possible.

You may even be able to keep this sign in the store for a little while after the new store moves in. The new business will want to do this, so their employees don’t constantly get asked, “What happened to the store that used to be here?”

Additionally, it’s helpful to have a list of addresses (physical or email) for your customers. It’s best if you’ve compiled this information as people purchased your products, but if you haven’t, you can at least get the email addresses from some of your regulars. This allows you to keep in contact with them and help them get to your new store.

Need Help With Your Retail Relocation?

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