You’re Moving Long Distances?

If you are moving long distances, it can be incredibly difficult. Besides just moving it’s a matter of keeping yourself entertained and focused because if your brain turns to puddy, then you are going to have a bad time moving!

How to Stay Sane When Moving

How to Never Get Bored Driving

how to drive long distancesCoffee and Stimulants can only do so much to keep you awake during your travels. You still need to keep yourself activated and engaged not to burn out.

Energetic Playlist

Have a varied and energetic playlist that is filled with different songs that get you excited. Then play it on shuffle. If you like to sing along, then pump the volume up and get to jamming! (Try Jammin by Bob Marley.)

Road Games – Long distance moving

There are countless road games that you can play to keep your environment part of your conscious thought. Most people will vouch for iSpy, but I am a personal fan of twenty questions. Twenty questions keep your brain engaged, and it also helps because it lets you communicate with your passengers.

Have Someone to Communicate With

long distance moving guideIt is vital that you stay in contact with someone and that you feed off each other during your big move. If you are by yourself and are forced to drive alone, then try and get on a phone call with someone or listen to an audiobook. Do anything to enhance that human connection while driving.

Driving Safety Tips – Long Distance Moving

Map out your Trip in lengths of 100 Miles

You should be mapping out your trip in lengths of 100 miles. Then when you reach every 100 miles take a break and stretch your legs for about 10 minutes. When it comes to long distance moving some of us, have to drive for hundreds of miles, and you want to be sure to take care of your body.


When you are stretching, most people think it is purely about your upper and lower body. However, you want to put a majority of your stretching time to the lower back and the muscles that link to it. The lower back is responsible for how you will feel for most of the drive, and if you let it become too tired or irritated, it can affect your mood and even give you headaches.

Interwest Movers

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