Glass tables are a great addition to any modern home. They look elegant and sophisticated and work well with most interior styles. However, they are difficult to move. Apart from being fragile, glass tables are also hefty, making a move even more challenging. The best way to ensure your glass table remains unscathed during shipping is to pack it correctly. 

Here’s how you can pack your glass tables correctly for a move. 

  • Measure your glass table

The first thing you need to do when packing your glass tables is to measure them. Doing so will help you get the right amount of packing supplies and crates to fit your table. Measure the height, length, and width of your glass table and separate the glass top from the stand for easier packing. 

  • Collect the essential packing supplies

Once you have the measurements, the next step is to get the necessary packing supplies. You should get:

  1. Bubble wrap
  2. Packing paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Packing tape
  5. Moving blankets
  6. Styrofoam boards
  7. Cardboard boxes
  • Remove the top

The easiest way to pack a glass table is by removing the top and packing the glass top and the base stand separately. In some tables, you can simply lift the top off, while in others, you will need to unscrew the top. Make sure you pack the screws safely so you can re-attach the table after the move. 

  • Wrap the tabletop

After you remove the top, pack it. For that, you need to start by wrapping the thick edges with cardboard. Once done, you must put the glass top between the styrofoam board and secure it with tape. It will ensure that the top doesn’t move around in the crate and is protected from the impacts of the move. After that, you need to bubble wrap the top for an added layer of protection. You can also use moving blankets for this. Afterwards, put the tabletop into a large, fit-to-size cardboard box. 

  • Pack the stand

Once the tabletop is out of the way, move on to the stand and dismantle it further if you need to. If not, wrap it with a moving blanket and cover it with packing paper before securing it with ropes. 

  • Load the table into the moving truck

Take the help of your family members to move the table top and stand on the loading truck carefully. You can use a trolly if the table is too heavy. 

You can also hire professional movers like InterWest Moving to do the packing and moving if all of this seems to be too much trouble to do by yourself. 

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