Moving to a new home is stressful and time-consuming for homeowners. However, someone in your home may find it harder than you to move to a new place. Your pets may feel more anxious and stressed about the move than you. All the hustle, unusual activity, and unknown environment can leave your pet scared and stressed out. Preparing your pet for the move is challenging but not impossible.

Here are five things that you can do to help make the move easier for your furry friends:

Give your pet a tour before the move

The most stressful part about the move for your pet is the new environment. It can trigger anxiety attacks in dogs and cats. Therefore, take your furry friend to visit your new place before the actual move. It will give them time to familiarize themselves, so they won’t feel alienated on the moving day.

Prepare an overnight kit

Your pet’s essentials like food, grooming kit, and toys can get lost among the boxes while everything is being packed for the move. It will also give your pet trouble at the new place for the next few days without all these essentials. One way to avoid such a situation is to prepare an overnight kit that contains all the items your pet may need for the next few days after the move.

Keep your pet in a safe place

All the hustle of the move and new people in your home shifting and the moving things is stressful for your pet. Apart from that, it is also dangerous for them since they can get hurt if they get in the middle of it. The best way to avoid these problems is to put them in a crate safely during the move. If they are not crate trained, try introducing them to the crate a few days before moving.

Consider hiring a pet sitter

If your pet doesn’t do well in a crate or gets too anxious when left alone, consider hiring a pet sitter for the day of the move. Pet sitters are professionals who can take care of your pet even when they feel separation anxiety. By hiring a pet sitter, you can also focus entirely on the move rather than worrying about your furry friend.

Let them travel with you

Most pets don’t understand that you are not leaving them forever, and you will come back for them. Finding themselves alone or traveling with strangers in a crate can trigger stress and panic attacks in your pet. They can harm themselves or others by acting out in fear. So it is best if you take your pet along with you in your vehicle during the move to make them feel safe.

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