Whether it be for job placement or a change of scenery, choosing a new place to move can be stressful and overwhelming. Leaving home is usually not a decision made lightly, but we are here with factors to consider helping you feel confident in this life-changing decision. 

The Cost-of-Living

The unfortunate reality is that worker wages don’t always reflect the costs of rent, food, travel, and everything else that makes your life work. Consider the average mortgage or rent cost for the areas you are considering. It would help if you also researched the average cost of utilities, fuel, and food in the area. You certainly don’t want to be blindsided and find yourself quickly stretched beyond your means. Also, research the local and state tax rates.

Employment Opportunities

This one can vary wildly depending on the area in addition to your field of expertise. Some cities such as Seattle or Atlanta are booming with tech career opportunities, while locales such as Tucson or Washington D.C. are thin as far as their available jobs. Gather information regarding the unemployment rates, median incomes, and job opportunities for your field of skill for each area considered.


Even if you find a stable career in a location you can afford, you might not be content if it’s raining all the time, and you hate inclement weather. Maybe you’d like to move somewhere with warm weather and try to avoid the messy winter months that come with some cities. Fortunately, this is an easy one to solve, so narrow it down to a place that you can picture yourself comfortably living.


You’ve got the job, the income, and the beautiful weather, but is there activity and culture in your new home? Unfortunately, there are some cities out there that you might find dull. If you enjoy the nightlife, investigate what bars, clubs, or other activities you can find in town. If you enjoy the scenery, try moving somewhere known for its beautiful parks, mountains, or bodies of water. Make sure you have ample avenues of entertainment to choose from in your valuable spare time.


This one can affect you in multiple ways. The most common is regarding families or couples with future parenting plans. It’s crucial to stay up to date on the schooling system and locations available in your considering areas. You can even reach out to various schools to get a better idea of their programs. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for continued schooling for yourself, you will want to look up the available universities of technical schools in the area. 

Missing Loved Ones

Creating distance between those who are important to you can prove painful when relocating. Consider your happiness when lengthening the gap between friends and family. If quality time with them is essential, maybe opt to stay nearby. If you’re comfortable with regular travel by driving or flying, then explore the country to your heart’s content. 

Ready to Book the Help of a Moving Company?

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