Moving is an uphill task. But why not make it a little less hectic? Why not start a new chapter of your life with the same excitement and zeal? With proper planning, you can tackle the entire moving process with ease. So, if you, too, are gearing up for the ‘moving out’ routine, design yourself an ideal action plan. A small effort in planning can make a lot of difference in execution.

Here are a few things to do to prepare for your move:

  • Organize- It is crucial to organize everything in advance to ensure a smooth moving process. You should prepare a list of items to pack and tasks that need to be done, like purchasing packing supplies and finalizing a date.
  • Get rid of useless items- The worst mistake you can commit is packing unwanted or useless things. These items occupy a lot of space in your house. You can donate such items or pass them on to your friends or family. You can even sell these items online or in a garage sale.
  • Prepare a moving inventory- Now that you have decided what you want to take to your new house, it is advisable to prepare a moving inventory. Make a list of all items you need to take along with the destination room of each item.
  • Choose your moving company- Research thoroughly about different moving companies and interview them. Once you get their quotes, compare them based on fees, policies, ratings, and services. Make sure you verify their insurance information and licensing.
  • Pack wisely- Packing is the most dreadful task but make sure you plan it in advance. You must pack all the things carefully; hence, you must have enough time on your hand. You must have sufficient packing supplies like tapes, bubble wrap, and boxes. Make sure you label all the boxes as it will be easy for you to unpack them later.
  • Think about your pets- Pets can get stressed due to moving, so you must try to make it easy for them. Keep their supplies together like vaccination reports and toys. Also, you should consult your vet and enquire if your pet is fit enough to move.
  • Think about your children- Make sure you show the new home to your children and familiarize them with it. Learn about what they have to say about the new place and consider their opinion. Involve them in the moving process to the extent possible. To avoid homesickness, pack their favorite things like blankets and stuffed animals.
  • Plan the unpacking- Unpacking is just as crucial as packing. So, make sure you are prepared enough about the same. Then, plan the unpacking of the items so that you don’t get confused and make a mess.
  • Change the address- Inform your friends, family members, and all the necessary institutions about your new address so that you keep receiving those Christmas cards and important mails. 

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