Whenever you are making a residential or commercial move, the services of a moving company become quintessential. They make the entire process hassle-free and a lot quicker than a DIY move. However, the money you spend on moving services is only beneficial when you choose the right movers. When selecting a suitable moving company, you need to consider multiple factors, such as the prices, quality of services, and packages.

Here are six things you should look for before hiring a moving company.


Looking for moving companies online is a good choice, as you can find the local service providers. However, the best option is to get some solid references from friends, family, and colleagues. They can tell you from personal experience whether the company is good.

Track record

The next thing you need to consider is the successful track record of the company you want to hire. Track record means their previous moves where the customer is happy. The years of work experience are an essential consideration. However, just the number of years isn’t enough; you need to see whether they could deliver quality services over the years. 

License and insurance

You can find a lot of so-called moving companies that don’t carry insurance or license as movers. These companies may get the job done. However, there is no guarantee that your belongings would be safe in their hands. Therefore, always ensure that the moving company you choose has a valid DOT number from the U. S Department of Transportation. The license makes them legally bound to protect your belongings throughout the move.


A reputable moving company won’t have anything to hide, and they will also reflect it in their pricing policies and rates. A professional company will first take an inventory of all your belongings and weigh them. Then the company will provide you with an estimate and time duration required to complete the move. 

They will also give you details of any additional charges they may take for specific packaging material requirements and other add-ons required for your move.

Specific requirements

Most moving companies are equipped to handle any special requirements you may have. However, every move is different. Therefore, you should check whether they can move all your belongings. 

  • You should inquire whether they have moving trucks that can carry a bulky piece of furniture. 
  • Check whether they have the expertise or means to pack, unpack and dismantle and assemble heavy pieces of furniture or industrial equipment in commercial moves.
  • Enquire whether they would meet your specific date and time requirements, as not all moving companies may work on weekends or during nighttime. 

Look for fraudulent movers

Few fraudulent cases are heard of in the moving industry. However, it isn’t impossible. Therefore, before you hire any moving company, always verify the credibility of the business you choose by verifying their license, address, and other credentials. Also, if the moving company asks you for complete payment before the move is made, it is a red flag to avoid such companies. 

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