Moving from one state to another is stressful. You have to declutter, pack, and hire movers. On top of that, you also have to deal with the paperwork and other legal formalities required for moving to a new state. Preparing ahead and knowing what to do can make your interstate move easier. 

Here are some valuable tips to help make your interstate move more comfortable. 

Do your research

When moving to a new state, you first need to learn as much about it as you can. Look for the best eateries, schools, conveyance, and other facilities near your new home. Check out local communities and ask questions about the area. If you find an apartment, understand the layout before moving. 

Arrange accommodations

Make sure you have a place to stay when you reach the new location. You can either find temporary accommodations, such as a hotel or a friend’s place, or you can rent a home or apartment. If you want to rent a place, realtors in the locality are your best bet. Contact them and they will help you find a suitable home within your budget. 

Get all your paperwork in place

You would be surprised to know the number of people who forget their important papers at the last minute of the move. To prevent that from happening, collect all your essential records in one place, such as your social security cards, health records, birth certificates, tax records, and school records, at least a month before your move. 

Also, inform the utility company about the moving day to stop the supply after the move. 

Start packing early

You cannot rely on your last-minute packing skills or movers to pack everything for an interstate move. Start decluttering at least a month before the move. Give away or sell everything you no longer use. Start with one room at a time leaving the kids’ rooms and kitchen for the last. Label everything to make it easier to unpack once you reach your new home. 

Setup mail forwarding

If you want to continue receiving your correspondence on time even after moving to a new state, ensure that you update your address with USPS. Ask them to forward any mails to your new address till you can update the address everywhere. 

Keep the receipts safe

If your employer is paying for the move, you’ll need to show the receipts to get reimbursed. You can also use the receipts from Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill for donated goods to avail tax deductions. 

Hire a reputable moving company

One of the essential factors for a successful interstate move is hiring a reputable moving company experienced in long-distance moves. Do your research and pick a reputed moving company like Interwest Moving with the right experience and credentials for an interstate move. 

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